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Steering Committee

NACCL Steering Committee, together with the committee chair, has one main task; namely, the finding of hosts for organizing the annual NACCL conferences at institutions in North America. Individual committee members, especially those who had organized a NACCL conference recently, may also be called upon to assist in responding to questions from a newbie organizer. The aim is to tap the experience of past organizers to assist the new organizer in running a successful, independently-funded NACCL conference. The entire committee currently includes all NACCL organizers, past and present, who are teaching in North America at this time. Below are the names of current and past years' organizers in alphabetical order, and their respective, current institutional affiliation.

Marjorie K.M. Chan (陳潔雯), The Ohio State University
    Chair, NACCL Steering Committee

William H. Baxter (白一平), University of Michigan
Dana Scott Bourgerie (白杰理), Brigham Young University
Yea-Fen Chen, Indiana University
Chengzhi Chu (储诚志), University of California at Davis
San Duanmu (端木三),  University of Michigan
Qian Gao (高钱), Monterey Language Institute
Baozhang He (何宝璋), College of the Holy Cross
C.-T. James Huang (黃正德), Harvard University
Zhuo Jing-Schmidt (井茁), University of Oregon
Chuanren Ke (柯传仁), University of Iowa
Audrey Li (李豔惠), University of Southern California
Yafei Li (李亚非), University of Wisconsin at Madison
Zhiqiang Li (李智强), University of San Francisco
Hua Lin (林华), University of of Victoria, Canada
Charles Lin, Indiana University
Yen-Hwei Lin (林燕慧), Michigan State University
Feng-hsi Liu (劉鳳樨), University of Arizona
Lening Liu (刘乐宁), Columbia University
Jerome L. Packard (裴吉瑞), U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Richard VanNess Simmons (史皓元), Rutgers University
Chaofen Sun (孙朝奋), Stanford University
Hongyin Tao (陶红印), U. of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
Ming Xiang, University of Chicago
Yun Xiao (肖雲), Bryant University
Zhiguo Xie (解志国), The Ohio State University
Janet Xing (邢志群), Western Washington University
Chunsheng Yang (杨春生), University of Connecticut
Alan Yu, University of Chicago
Hongming Zhang (张洪明), University of Wisconsin at Madison
Zheng-sheng Zhang (张正生),  San Diego State University
Minglang Zhou (周明郎), University of Maryland

NACCL is very much indebted to Tom Ernst (殷天兴), formerly at University of Delaware, who organized NACCL-5 (1993) and later served as Chair of the NACCL Steering Committee for over a decade -- from the mid-1990s through 2008 -- to find NACCL organizers to ensure that our conference was held annually. The baton was passed to Marjorie Chan, organizer of NACCL-20 (2008) at Ohio State University, to carry on the specific task of ensuring that NACCL will be held annually with the generosity and colleagial spirit of the organizer at each institution that offered, or was williing, to host the conference. Over the years, many institutions have stepped up to the plate to organize NACCL.

NACCL has also been very much indebted to Audrey Li (李豔惠) at University of Southern California, as she played a crucial role over the years in ensuring that NACCL Proceedings were published, inaugurated by her in 1994 when she organized NACCL-6. She was behind the scenes in overseeing the NACCL Proceedings produced by GSIL Publications prior to her decision in 2008 to halt hardcopy pulbication, with suggestion for hardcopies to be replaced by e-versions.

Thus, NACCL-20 (2008), the year that NACCL was hosted at Ohio State, was also the year that inaugurated the e-version of NACCL proceedings, and the impetus to create the present NACCL website for disseminating information on past and upcoming NACCL conferences and for an online depository for NACCL Proceedings. Thus was born this NACCL website and NACCL Proceedings Online. The creation of a NACCL website in 2008 (moved to its own dedicated site here as of 18 April 2012) serves two main functions:

  1. Informing scholars, and especially the Chinese linguistics community, of past and upcoming venues for NACCL, and
  2. Providing free access to NACCL Proceedings from 2008 onwards

In addition to past activities on behalf of NACCL, moving forward, special thanks also go to Hongyin Tao (陶红印, UCLA), a future NACCL host, for assistance in recruiting two of the recent NACCL organizers.

Needless to say. the NACCL Steering Committee welcomes offers of hosting a future NACCL conference at an academic institution in North America! Faculty members who have attended one or more NACCL conferences in past years are especially encouraged to contact us.

On behalf of the NACCL Steering Committee,

Marjorie Chan
   Chair, NACCL Steering Committee
   NACCL website editor