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GSIL Publications of NACCL Proceedings (Pre-NACCL-20)

The first few years of the NACCL conference did not have proceedings volumes. NACCL-6 (1994) was the first to publish the NACCL Proceedings, initiated by Professor Audrey Li  at the University of Southern California. NACCL-6 and subsequent proceedings volumes prior to NACCL-20 (2008) were prepared in hardcopy by the succeeding organizers of NACCL conferences, and were sold through GSIL Publications

Back issues are still available for purchase through University of Southern California's Graduate Students in Linguistics (GS-Ling).

NACCL Proceedings (NACCL-6 to NACCL-19) Published by GSIL

The following is information from the GSIL website, supplemented by other sources.

NACCL-6 (1995) Camacho, J. and L. Choueiri, eds. Volumes 1 & 2.

NACCL-7/ICCL-4 (1996) Cheng, Tsai-Fa, Yafei Li, Hongming Zhang, eds. (table of contents) Volumes 1 & 2.

NACCL-8 (1997) Cheng, C.-C., J. Packard, J. Yoon, & Y.-L. You, eds. (table of contents) Volumes 1 & 2

NACCL-9 (1998) Lin, Hua, ed. (table of contents) Volumes 1 & 2.

NACCL-10 (1999) Sun, C., ed. (table of contents) Volumes 1 & 2.

NACCL-11 (1999) He, Baozhang and Wenze Hu, eds.
   - Published separately by the East Asian Language Programs, Harvard University.

NACCL 12 (2000) Zhang, Zheng-sheng, ed.  Volumes 1 & 2.

NACCL 13 & IACL (2001) Wu, Zoe, ed.

NACCL 14 (2002)  Liu, F.-H., ed. (table of contents)

NACCL 15 (2003)  Lin, Yen-Hwei, ed.

NACCL 16 (2004)  Liu, F.-H., ed. (table of contents)

NACCL 17 (2005)  Gao, Qian, ed. (table of contents)

NACCL-18 (2006) Xing, Janet, ed. (table of contents and preface - from NACCL-18 website)

NACCL-19 (2007) -- No proceedings published.

NACCL-20 (2008) onwards -- See: NACCL Proceedings Online.