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Past & Upcoming Conferences

In the first two years, the annual event was named the Northeast Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NECCL), reflecting its regional orgin. It was renamed the North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL) during the third conference to broaden its geographical representation, hence, from NECCL to NACCL, to include all of the U.S. as well as Canada. Another milestone took place in 1996 when the NACCL-8 conference created a website for the conference event. (For information on the early years, see History of NACCL: The First Two Decades (1988-2008).) Below, links are provided for those NACCL conferences with websites that are currently still online. NACCL conferences have been held jointly with annual conferences of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) when the latter is held in North America. This is no longer the practice as of 2018, when IACL decided to organize IACL-26 as a separate conference in the U.S. Upcoming NACCL conferences are listed below when information is available.

If you have presented at NACCL and are interested in offering to host a future NACCL conference at your home institution in North America, the NACCL Steering Committee would love to hear from you!


Year:  1989 - NECCL-1
Host Institution:  The Ohio State University
Organizers:  James H.-Y. Tai (戴浩一), Marjorie K.M. Chan (陳潔雯), and Robert Sanders (沈德思)
Report:  The First Northeast Conference on Chinese Linguistics (1989)

Year:  1990 - NECCL-2    
Host Institution:  University of Pennsylvania
Organizer:  Jerome L. Packard (裴吉瑞)

Year:  1991 - NACCL-3   
Host Institution:  Cornell University
Organizer:  C.-T. James Huang (黃正德)

Year:  1992 - NACCL-4 
Host Institution:  University of Michigan
Organizers:  William H. Baxter (白一平) and San Duanmu (端木三)

Year:  1993 - NACCL-5
Host Institution:  University of Delaware
Organizer:  Thomas Ernst (殷天兴)

Year:  1994 - NACCL-6
Host Institution:  University of of Southern California
Organizer:  Yen-hui Audrey Li (李豔惠)

Year:  1995 - ICCL-4 and NACCL-7
Host Institution:  University of of Wisconsin at Madison
Organizers:  Tsai-Fa Cheng (鄭再發), Yafei Li (李亚非), and Hongming Zhang (张洪明)

Year:  1996 - NACCL-8
Host Institution:  University of of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizers:  Chin-chuan Cheng (鄭錦全) and Jerome L. Packard (裴吉瑞)
Website:  (Long removed, NACCL-8 was the first--followed by all future hosts--to create a NACCL conference website.)

Year:  1997 - NACCL-9
Host Institution:  University of of Victoria (Victoria, Canada)
Organizer:  Hua Lin (林华)

Year:  1998 - IACL-7 and NACCL-10
Host Institution:  Stanford University
Organizer:  Chaofen Sun (孙朝奋)

NACCL-11 to NACCL-20

Year:  1999 - NACCL-11
Host Institution:  Harvard University
Organizer:  Baozhang He (何宝璋)

Year:  2000 - NACCL-12
Host Institution:  San Diego State University
Organizer:  Zhengsheng Zhang (张正生)

Year:  2001 - IACL-10 and NACCL-13
Host Institution:  University of California at Irvine
Organizer:  C.-T. James Huang (黃正德)

Year:  2002 - NACCL-14
Host Institution:  University of Arizona
Organizer:  Feng-hsi Liu (劉鳳樨)
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2003 - NACCL-15
Host Institution:  Michigan State University
Organizer:  Yen-Hwei Lin (林燕慧)
Website:  (website removed)
Program:  Conference Program

Year:  2004 - NACCL-16
Host Institution:  University of Iowa
Organizer:  Chuanren Ke (柯传仁)
Website:  (website removed)
Program:  Conference Program

Year:  2005 - NACCL-17
Host Institution:  Monterey Language Institute
Organizer:  Qian Gao (高钱)
Website:  (website removed)
Program:  Conference Program (preliminary schedule)

Year:  2006 - NACCL-18
Host Institution:  Western Washington University
Organizer:  Janet Xing (邢志群)
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2007 - IACL-15 and NACCL-19 
Host Institution:   Columbia University
Organizer:   Lening Liu (刘乐宁)
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2008 - NACCL-20  
Host Institution:  The Ohio State University
Organizer:   Marjorie K.M. Chan (陳潔雯)
Website:  http://chinalinks.osu.edu/naccl-20/  (orignal website)
Archived at NACCL website: http://naccl.osu.edu/naccl-20/
Program:   Program Book (program, abstracts, etc.; 10.5 MB)

NACCL-21 to NACCL-30

Year:  2009 - NACCL-21
Host Institution:  Bryant University
Organizer:   Yun Xiao (肖雲)
Website: (website removed)
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2010 - IACL-18 and NACCL-22
Host Institution:  Harvard University
Organizers:  C.-T. James Huang (黃正德) and Shengli Feng (冯胜利)
Website:  (website removed)
Program:  Conference Program 

Year:  2011 - NACCL-23
Host Institution:  University of Oregon
Organizer:  Zhuo Jing-Schmidt (井茁)
Website:  http://caps.uoregon.edu/?p=38
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2012 - NACCL-24
Host Institutions:  University of California at Davis and University of San Francisco
Organizers:  Chengzhi Chu (储诚志, UC Davis) and Zhiqiang Li (李智强, U of San Francisco)
Venue:  University of San Francisco
Website:  http://naccl-24.ucdavis.edu/
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2013 - NACCL-25
Host Institution:  University of Michigan
Organizers: William H. Baxter (白一平), Chair, and San Duanmu (端木三)
Website:  http://naccl25.net/
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2014 - IACL-22 and NACCL-26
Host Institution: University of Maryland
Organizer: Minglang Zhou (周明朗)
Website: http://sllc.umd.edu/chinese/IACL22-NACCL26/EN
Program: Conference Program

Year:  2015 - NACCL-27
Host Institution: University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
Organizer: Hongyin Tao (陶红印)
Website: http://chineselinguistics.org/Events/NACCL-27/

Year:  2016 - NACCL-28
Host Institution: Brigham Young University
Organizer: Dana Scott Bourgerie (白杰理)
Website: http://www.chineselinguistics.byu.edu/naccl28

Year:  2017 - NACCL-29 
Host Institution: Rutgers University 
Organizer: Richard VanNess Simmons (史皓元)
Website: http://naccl.rutgers.edu/

NACCL-30 logo

Year:  2018 - NACCL-30
Host Institution: The Ohio State University
Organizers: Zhiguo Xie (解志国) and Marjorie K.M. Chan (陳潔雯)
Website: http://u.osu.edu/naccl30/

NACCL-31 to NACCL-40

Year:  2019 - NACCL-31 -- suspended for 2018-2019 academic year

Year:  2020 - NACCL-32
Host Institution: University of Connecticut
Organizer: Chunsheng Yang (杨春生)
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/naccl32uconn/

Year:  2021 - NACCL-33
Host Institution: University of Chicago
Organizesr: Alan Yu and Ming Xiang
Website: https://lucian.uchicago.edu/blogs/lpl/naccl33/

Year:  2022 - NACCL-34 -- to be hosted in September 2022
Host Institution: Indiana University
Organizers:  Charles Lin, Yea-Fen Chen, and Alessia Cherici
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/naccl-34/

Year:  2023 - NACCL-35 -- suspended for 2022-2023 academic year
Host Institution:
Website: tba

Year:  2024 - NACCL-36
Host Institution:
Website: tba

Year:  2025 - NACCL-37
Host Institution:
Website: tba

Year:  2026 - NACCL-38
Host Institution:
Website: tba

Year:  2027 - NACCL-39
Host Institution:
Website: tba

Year:  2028 - NACCL-40
Host Institution:
Website: tba