E. Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium at U of Chicago (2014)

November 13, 2013

East Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium 2 (EAPC2)

The 2nd East Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium (EAPC2) will take place on 8 March 2014 at the University of Chicago. Call for Papers and other information are available at:


          Abstract deadline: 15 December 2013

EAPC2, organized by Professor Ming Xiang, will be held in conjunction with the 2nd Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL 2), which is organized by Professor Alan Yu. WICL 2 will be held one day earlier, on 7 March 2013. Attendees are encouraged to attend both events.

The first East Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium was held on 13 and 15 October 2012 at Ohio State University.

EAPC3 will be held in Berlin, Germany! Stay tuned for further information!